Harness the Energy of the Solstice

We’re approaching the longest day and most yang time of the year, the Summer Solstice. What is yang? It’s associated with the sun, daytime, summer, light, heat, activity, joy, the fire element, [...]

Aim for Harmony This Spring Equinox

Let the equinox, one of two days a year when (yin) and day (yang) are exactly equal and in balance, be a reminder that balance is constantly changing. So often, we speak of balance as a 50:50 set [...]

5 Ways to Cultivate Harmony This Spring

Here are five ways to help you achieve inner harmony as we enter the season of renewal. Move Regularly The energy of spring supports movement, literally and metaphorically. The element associated [...]

Speedy Spring Supper

Looking for a flavorful, easy, and quick-to-make spring meal? This asparagus, chicken, and pasta dish fits the bill! Did An Acupuncturist Seriously Just Tell Me to Eat Pasta? Yep. Seasonal eating [...]

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