Menstrual Cramps

They’re Not Natural

Do you spend one or more days a month out of commission due to menstrual cramps? Has hormonal birth control given you no relief? Or have side effects of the pill, such as nausea and mood changes, led you to search for a new way to control cramps?

According to Chinese medicine, menstrual cramps are not a natural part of being a menstruating woman.

Pure Joy Menstrual CrampsAcupuncture and herbs restore balance

With properly timed acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies I can help you feel better before, during, and after your period. My focus is on restoring balance to your body and reducing the burden your menstrual cycle places on you.

The treatment may vary based on the phase of your menstrual cycle. I may also recommend daily supplements that reduce inflammation and support hormonal balance.

Remember, Chinese medicine maintains that a healthy woman has no menstrual pain. Our goal is to help you live pain free and in abundant health

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“She has provided pain relief from the cramps that I thought I was stuck with for life!”

For years I had debilitating cramps. The kind that no over-the-counter medication can relieve. Along with a myriad of other stress related issues and anxiety, my monthly cramps were always something I thought I just had to live with. About 2 years ago, I started seeing Katharine and things have changed dramatically. Not only has she helped my body with the the stress and tension I have from my work commute, but she has provided pain relief from the cramps that I thought I was stuck with for life! And to top it off, she always has helpful suggestions for things that I can do at home to keep myself feeling great! Katharine is the best!

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