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Replacing pain, stress, and anxiety with Pure Joy

Acupuncture in San Rafael

Come to Pure Joy Acupuncture in San Rafael and I’ll help you feel your best. Pure Joy is the gift that acupuncture has given me and my health. And I’d like to share it with you.

Let me help you resolve your pain, release anxiety, let go of stress, and rebalance your hormones. It’s time to restore your sense of joy!

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Katharine Chaney L.Ac, CMT

I love practicing in Marin County. I’ve been treating patients here for more than a decade, first as a massage therapist, then as a licensed acupuncturist.

About 15 years ago, I studied Chinese medicine formally, but my interest in alternative medicine started as a child, when my family traveled in Asia.

Inspired by seeing other cultures using plants as medicine, I went on to explore plant biology, cultural anthropology, and East Asian studies at UC Davis. These subjects led beautifully into graduate studies in Chinese medicine.

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Katharine Chaney, acupuncturist
Pain relief using Chinese Medicine

Breaking the Pain Cycle

I know pain can rule your life. But why let it? Acupuncture is excellent for pain management, and I’ve helped many patients in San Rafael, and throughout Marin, recover from traumatic injuries.

A sports mishap? A car accident? Repetitive stress? My style of acupuncture uniquely addresses pain and its accompanying distress.

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Everyone Has Anxiety

What’s the number one reason people seek acupuncture treatment? Yep, it’s anxiety. Whether people walk in my door with pain, hormonal issues, or something else, most are also experiencing a high level of anxiety.

Through acupuncture, I help reset your nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (rest and digest). This allows you to operate from a calmer place.

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Stress & anxiety
Menstrual cramps relief, Marin County

Women’s Health—Why I’m an Acupuncturist

For years, I suffered from debilitating menstrual cramps because of endometriosis. It wasn’t until I tried acupuncture and herbal medicine in my mid-20s that I found relief.

I’m passionate about helping women who suffer from hormonal imbalances feel at home and healthy in their bodies.

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Pure Joy Acupuncture can help with range of issues.

Each acupuncture session is customized to address your most pressing needs that day. Acupuncture can help boost your immune system to fight off a cold or help boost your energy when you’re feeling tired. Adding massage and cupping therapy is a popular option to enhance your acupuncture treatment.

You can choose to add massage or cupping at the booking link below. At your appointment, I may also recommend herbal and dietary supplements as well as lifestyle changes to help enhance your health improvements between visits.