Treating Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia with Acupuncture

Top Reasons Americans Seek Acupuncture

Acupuncture for Stress & AnxietyAnxiety

Anxiety is the #1 reason Americans seek acupuncture. It tends to occur as a package of worry, stress, and insomnia, leaving you exhausted, irritable and ineffective.

I encourage you to take these conditions seriously as they have physical as well as emotional effects. Let’s take a look at each situation.

Where anxiety shows up in your body

  • shoulder tension
  • fatigue
  • changes in appetite
  • shallow breathing
  • feeling your heartbeat in your chest

If these symptoms feel familiar and your doctor has ruled out a more serious condition, find out more in my article on 8 Physical Signs of Anxiety and try some simple steps to feel better immediately. If you are experiencing asthma or heart attack symptoms, such as a tightening in your chest, see a doctor for medical attention.

Acupuncture for anxiety

Reducing anxiety with acupuncture has proven extremely effective. I also help you face daily challenges with portable self-acupressure techniques you can practice any time.

To help you sustain emotional balance, I may also recommend herbs and supplements.

Acupuncture for Stress & Anxiety


Physical effects of insomnia

Long-term sleep deprivation may increase your risk of heart disease, weight gain, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, endocrine disorders, and dementia. Poor sleep habits also interfere with your immune system, making you get sick more often.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can help relieve your insomnia. By pinpointing the type of sleep disturbance you’re experiencing, I can create a custom treatment plan to help you improve your ability to rest, recharge, and support your overall health.

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Stress takes a toll

Stress — sure, it’s inconvenient and unpleasant. But can it really damage your health?

Your body is perfectly designed to handle the occasional and quickly disappearing stressor.

Fear or trauma triggers more blood and oxygen to your muscles, preparing you to attack or flee.

Acupuncture for Stress & AnxietyAdrenaline causes your muscles to tense, making you look bigger and more intimidating. Your heart pumps faster, sending more blood to the extremities. But this is not a healthy scenario to experience in the long term.

The results of constant stress

  • Chronic pain and headaches – Persistently tensed muscles may lead to headaches and pain in other parts of your body.
  • High blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease – Arteries are partly muscle that automatically contracts during a stress response.
    Like your neck and shoulders, arteries can become chronically tensed from stress. This tension narrows blood vessels, constricts blood flow, and can cause high blood pressure, increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease.
  • Aggravation of underlying conditions – Stress diverts blood to your muscles, so vital organs aren’t receiving the nutrients and oxygen they need to function properly.
  • Reproductive and hormonal issues – Lack of oxygen flow to the reproductive system can contribute to fertility issues and painful menstrual cramps.
  • Digestive problems – When your stomach and intestines are not receiving adequate blood flow, you may experience stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.
  • Immune issues – Stress also robs you of resources to fight off the latest cold or flu bug.

Acupuncture reminds your body to relax

An acupuncture treatment lowers your resting blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate, resetting it to a relaxed state.

This gives your body the ability to allocate more energy to digestion and immune function, and boosts your energy to lead the healthy life you deserve.

Find out simple ways to take better care of yourself and reduce stress in my article, Tips for Managing Your Stress.

Get on my schedule to begin destressing.

“I’m now sleeping better”

Acupuncture treatments with Katharine have been very helpful, especially combined with the Chinese herbal medicine regime she created for me. I’m now sleeping better, which is helping in many areas of my life.

– Michael P, San Rafael
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