Herbal Medicine

Treatment with Chinese herbal formulas

Chinese herbal formulas offer a wonderful way for you to participate in your treatment and continue it at home. As part of my holistic medicine practice, I combine herbs, acupuncture and bodywork to form a cohesive treatment plan.

I may prescribe herbs in the form of capsules, pills, powders to mix with hot water, and sometimes as raw herbs to be cooked by the patient at home. We want to choose the option that will give you the best results, and that you’ll be able to take as directed.

Your herbal formula may change from visit to visit. Your requirements can vary as you improve or differ depending on the phase of your menstrual cycle, or even remain fairly constant.

A combined herbal formula

Rather than relying on a single chemical compound to treat one symptom, Chinese herbal formulas contain combinations of herbs to treat the full constellation of symptoms in your diagnosis.

Combining herbs can increase their effectiveness, and help reduce the likelihood of experiencing unpleasant side effects that any one herb by itself may cause.

As with all medications, it is important to follow the instructions on how often and how much of your herbs you should take in each dose. Failing to do so will decrease the effectiveness of your treatment.

Discontinue the use of any prescribed herbs if you feel you may be having an adverse reaction. If an adverse reaction does occur, use your discretion as to whether or not you need to call 911.

“I’m now sleeping better”

Acupuncture treatments with Katharine have been very helpful, especially combined with the Chinese herbal medicine regime she created for me. I’m now sleeping better, which is helping in many areas of my life.

– Michael P, San Rafael
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