Pure Joy Acupuncture in Marin County is Now Open!

Pure Joy Acupuncture is Open!Governor Newsom has declared acupuncturists to be essential workers. Pure Joy Acupuncture is cleared to resume in-person acupuncture treatments effective immediately!

To keep you, other patients, and myself as safe as possible, I’ve put new safety measures in place. As COVID-19 is most likely to be spread through extended contact in close range, face-to-face time will be limited for now.

1) Please cancel your appointment if you have a fever or are exhibiting any symptoms that may be COVID-19 related. Possible symptoms include a new loss of taste or smell, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, and headache.

2) Only one patient at a time will be allowed in the office. If you are running late, your appointment length may be adjusted accordingly, to keep from overlapping with the next patient. Likewise, if you are early, you may be asked to wait in the hall.

picture of a person with mask covering their mouth and nose3) You must wear a mask over your mouth and nose for the entirety of your appointment, including when on the table for treatment. I will also wear a mask for your entire treatment, even when I am in another room.

4) Your temperature will be taken by touchless thermometer at the door, before you enter the office.

5) Upon entering, please try to maintain a six-foot distance as you go directly to the treatment room.

6) Once you are settled in the treatment room, we’ll have our intake discussion via FaceTime or Zoom. I will be in the waiting room. If technology is not your thing, let me know, and we’ll set up an intake discussion before you come in for your appointment.

7) All surfaces will be sterilized between treatments per CDC regulations using ammonia, rubbing alcohol, or a bleach and water solution. If you are sensitive to one of these ingredients, please let me know 24 hours or more prior your appointment, so I can avoid using it the day you are in the office.

8) Vinyl pillow and table covers will be used to prevent any contact with respiratory droplets. I’ll wipe these down with bleach, alcohol, or ammonia before and after each treatment.

9) As the supply chain allows, I am switching to disposable paper gowns or drapings. In cases where cloth gowns, pillow covers, and sheets are used they will be changed immediately after treatment and washed with detergent and bleach.

10) I have turned off the air conditioner/heater to remove circulation of air from other offices through the HVAC system. As always, I will run HEPA filters during your treatment as well as when the office is closed.

11) Please come dressed in comfortable loose-fitting clothes to keep you warm or cool depending on the weather, as there will be no temperature control.

12) Cupping and massage services are suspended for now as they require us to be in close contact for an extended period of time.

13) Payment will be touchless moving forward. For this reason, credit card information will be required when you book your Masks are required at your next visitappointment.

Thank you for your help keeping Pure Joy Acupuncture a safe, healing space for everyone!

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom for a telemedicine visit, or an acupuncture treatment in person when you are ready to venture out!