Pain Relief for Tight Shoulders

Pain Relief for Tight Shoulders: Sitting at a desk for hours is physical torture. How can you get pain relief for your tight shoulders? Try to get up, walk and stretch every 20 minutes or so. You [...]

Tips for Managing Your Stress

Here are my top tips for interrupting and reducing stress. Try any or all of these simple, enjoyable activities and give yourself a chance to reset. Breathe One of the easiest ways to break the [...]

How Do You Experience Stress?

Stress affects each of us differently. It can be a physical experience — a headache you get every Tuesday, before dreaded a meeting. Or you may notice stress more on an emotional level, finding [...]

Hints for Enjoying the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for many December is one of the most challenging months of the year. If you find the holiday season anxiety-producing, [...]