Oak tree with the sun setting behind it and blue skyIn the Northern hemisphere we just passed the most yin point and longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice.

Now is an excellent time to rest, nourish yourself and those you care about with slow-cooked warming foods, and take nurturing baths. However, for most of us, the holidays are filled with stress, endless tasks, and last-minute running around.

This behavior is strongly at odds with the balance of Yin and Yang, often resulting in people getting sick around the holidays.

Yin is associated with resting, receptiveness, night, the moon, the feminine, wintertime, and the water element. Yang is associated with activity, assertiveness, daytime, the sun, summer, and the fire element.

In East Asian medicine, the root cause of illness is always an imbalance of Yin and Yang. As the Yin and Yang balance changes throughout the season, so should your activity level, diet, and sleeping patterns.

As much as possible, I encourage you to embrace the virtue of slowing down, getting extra rest, exercising gently, and eating cooked foods this holiday.

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