Let the equinox, one of two days a year when (yin) and day (yang) are exactly equal and in balance, be a reminder that balance is constantly changing.

So often, we speak of balance as a 50:50 set point that you strive for and cling to once find it. However, developing the ability to experiment, fail, adapt to challenges, and regain your balance are critical to finding harmony.

In East Asian medicine, health is found and maintained when yin and yang are in harmony. Appropriate balance of yin and yang, however, changes with the season.

As the seasons change, yin and yang exist in different proportions. What is appropriate behavior in the winter (a cozy weekend cozy under a blanket reading or watching TV while cooking soup and never leaving your home) may seem antisocial in summer.

I invite you to reassess the balance of your life on an ongoing and seasonal basis.

In spring, as more yang energy becomes available for growth and change, decide where to invest your energy. Make a flexible plan to help you keep your commitments, and take small, reasonable, and regular actions toward the reality that reflects your values.

In the fall, you may find that you want to pare back on your activities or engage in gentler, more quiet ones as yin grows.

If you find yourself feeling burned out or craving more stimulation, adjust your routine accordingly to regain harmony!

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