It’s been a year since California issued Stay-at-Home orders in response to the virus. It has changed our lives for better and for worse and has thrown many (I would argue most of us) into a state of trauma. Trauma can manifest as insomnia, irritability, being hyper-vigilant, and unable to focus.

Feeling like your nervous system could use some help finding equilibrium right now? The NADA protocol is a series of 5 auricular points that was developed by the Black Panthers at the Lincoln Hospital. It is recognized by the WHO to treat trauma, insomnia & addiction.

Small magnets or ear seeds can be used in place of needles to stimulate auricular points and are gentle enough to treat the whole family. They also help extend the benefit of your acupuncture treatment.

Request complimentary ear seeds at your next acupuncture treatment, or if you’re not ready to come into the office yet, they are available as part of a car appointment.  Schedule either type of appointment online.

Don’t live in Marin or not ready to venture out yet? You can order ear seeds from Everyone’s Place that comes with a wonderful map of the ear and instructions on how to place them in your own ear to create the NADA protocol. The ear seeds with Swarovski crystals pictured here are from Everyone’s Place.  They also come in black diamond and pearl!

Flesh tone ear seeds for humans of all different shades are available through the Black Acupuncturist Association. If you want some help learning how to place your ear seeds, Dr. Tenisha Dandridge of Everyone’s Place periodically gives online classes, or you can contact me for a telehealth appointment and I will help you.

If you want to learn more about the Black Panther’s contribution to acupuncture in the US, buy a copy of Dr. Tenisha Dandridge’s blog “Unusual Tale of Acupuncture, Racism, and African American History in the US,” and watch the documentary Dope as Death.