Pure Encapsulations, Quercetin

If you are considering ordering the following supplements online, I would advise you to stay away from Amazon, as they do not guarantee the authenticity of their products. Instead, I would direct you to Full Script. I am about to place an order for the supplements recommended below and am happy to have them shipped to your home or deliver them to your doorstep in Marin County. Contact me if you would like me to include you in my order: (415) 994-0252, kchaney@purejoyacupuncture.com.


Quercetin breaks down biofilm on the surfaces of viruses.

Biofilm is the slimy layer that allows viruses and bacteria to stick to your cell walls.  Once a virus attaches to your cell walls, it injects itself into your cells and begins to replicate.  This replication of the virus by your own cells is what causes you to get sick.

Quercetin demolishes biofilm, preventing viruses from attaching to your cells, and allowing your immune system to destroy viruses before they can make you sick.

The coronavirus specifically causes the body to overproduce a type of inflammatory molecule called cytokines. Quercetin is anti-inflammatory, and specifically inhibits the production of cytokines.

*If you take anticoagulants,  please consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Like Quercetin, bromelain is also anti-inflammatory, and for that reason, I commonly prescribe that combination to my patients with joint pain due to inflammation.

It is also an immune-boosting supplement that strengthens the function of T-cells (cells that recognize invading pathogens like viruses), macrophages (destroy pathogens), natural killer cells (help contain viral infections) and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (help the immune system adapt to specific pathogens).

*Make sure to take this one away from food because it changes how it acts in the body. Instead of acting as an anti-inflammatory with immune-boosting properties, it will act as a digestive enzyme.

L-Theanine primes T-cells to help your immune system more quickly identify and respond to the invasion of pathogens.

L-Lysine is an amino acid that speeds up the response time of the immune system in attacking and taking apart pathogens.

Vitamin C*
Vitamin C is considered an essential nutrient for the immune system. It helps T-cells in their function of identifying pathogens and phagocytes in their function of destroying them.

*Caution: Too much Vitamin C will give you diarrhea.  If the amount you are taking is causing diarrhea, please lower your dosage.

Vitamin C is also anti-inflammatory, and something I often prescribe in concert with quercetin and bromelain for those with chronic pain due to inflammation.

Vitamin D
Vitamin plays many important roles in the body and is considered by some to be a hormone.

In regard to immune function, Vitamin D also helps the immune cells in your body that identify external pathogens and adapt to fighting them.

Liquid Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D and highly cost-effective. Make sure to store your bottle in a dark, cool cabinet.

My colleague, Karen Reynolds, who is a registered nurse as well as a licensed acupuncturist was kind enough to share the above supplement protocol with us. For more information on side effects, precautions, and sources please visit her blog.

Avoid Echinacea and Elderberry Right Now
Caution when taking elderberry and echinacea right now. Although these are powerful herbs for the immune system, there is conflicting evidence about whether or not they contribute to inflammatory processes associated with the formation of fibrosis in the lungs that makes COVID-19 so dangerous.  Refrain from taking them right now.

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