Hearty winter stewDid you know that Chinese medicine recommends consuming your vegetables as salad only in summer?

We also put faster cooking methods, like blanching and stir-frying, in the same hot weather category.

But winter is the time for slow cooking, such as braising and roasting, to help counteract the cold. In addition to adapting your cooking style to the outdoor temperature, different seasonings are also recommended.

Healthy eating event in San Rafael
This Sunday, February 23, 2020, from 8:15-9:15AM, I’ll be part of a healthy eating workshop at The LUNA Method in San Rafael.

I’ll share tips on how to prepare seasonal veggies in alignment with Chinese medical principles and more on how that changes with the season.

I’m collaborating with Kelly Brown, health and nutritional coach at Real Food House, to help you develop a weekly Real Meal Plan that incorporates dietary principles of Chinese medicine.

Join us and chat with the group about challenges and shortcuts for preparing healthy meals. And enjoy a delicious breakfast of rice congee (Chinese medicine’s version of chicken soup for the soul) provided by BŌL Superfood Cafe in Mill Valley.

You’ll go home armed with a meal plan you’ve created to take you through the week. You can choose from some of my favorite recipes, and Kelly and I will help you find easy ways to incorporate what you’ve learned.

Get details and your ticket for this Sunday’s Real Circle here.

Hope to see you there!