Are you going into the new year with resolutions to take better care of yourself? You may have set a goal to eat less sugar, exercise regularly, set better boundaries or take five minutes a day to sit and breath in silence.

Resolve to Take Care of Yourself in the New YearHere at Pure Joy Acupuncture, we’d like to encourage and commend you on your efforts to take better care of yourself. As Americans, we often consider self-care — from going to bed at a reasonable hour or spending time outdoors to cooking ourselves a healthy meal or receiving acupuncture — as a luxurious way to reward ourselves rather than a necessary part of our lives.

In Chinese medicine, regular acupuncture and herbal therapy is considered a form of preventive healthcare and one element of a healthy lifestyle. At the very least, healthy people are recommended to receive a body-tuning acupuncture session once a season (every four months). And a monthly acupuncture is even better for maintaining good health.

Pure Joy Acupuncture is also here to support your self-care regime with seasonal health tips like the following

Eat seasonal fruits and veggies: Are you trying to eat healthier after an excess of delicious holiday treats?

Upping your intake of seasonal vegetables is a great way to improve your diet and your health! By eating food that is in season (going to Farmer’s Markets is a great way to do this) your body is automatically taking in what it needs to protect you for the winter cold season. Eating more veggies also helps fill you up and stabilize blood sugar levels so you can resist the lure of a mid-afternoon sugar fix at your local coffee shop. If you’re not sure what to do with seasonal veggies, check out the following recipe and suggestions for winter cooking.

Set sustainable exercise goals: Want to get in better shape this year? Pick an activity you like and build up your activity level gradually. One of the biggest mistakes when making a resolution to exercise more is to set the bar too high. In doing so, you’re increasing the likelihood of injury or that you’ll quit before the end of January. Set goals that are reasonable for your fitness level so you can stick with them and stay injury free.

Get involved with your community: Reap the benefits of support and relaxation by getting out there and interacting with the world. Engaging with nature, such as going to see the elephant seals and whales out at Point Reyes may be what replenishes you. It also can be as something as simple as shopping locally and developing a relationship with your merchants. Maybe it’s scheduling a card night with your oldest friends once a month or making a commitment to listen to your favorite band at a local venue every few weeks. Some of you may find volunteering at an organization like Meals of Marin, delivering meals to people with life threatening illnesses, to be extremely fulfilling. Pick a way that you enjoy to be a healthy part of your community.

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Build your energy with self-acupressure: Dragging a bit after the holidays?
Spleen 3 will help nurture you and your digestion so that you can face the world again! Spleen 3 is located where the big toe and the arch of the foot meet. Hold the point lightly with three fingers (on either foot) until you feel the area become warm under your fingers.

Let’s make your health and well-being a priority. If you have specific concerns, let me know so I can help to support your healthy choices: 415-994-0252