Massage Therapy

Asian massage techniques to help you relax and restore balance

Pure Joy Body MassageI bring years of massage therapy experience to my acupuncture practice. Most appointments include this healing, relaxing, and detoxifying treatment.

With massage as part of your session, you’ll feel the benefits and so will I. I use bodywork to assess and diagnose your condition, as well as loosen tight muscles and make them more receptive to acupuncture needles.

This combination of therapies maximizes your body’s natural ability to heal.

Medical massage

My massage style incorporates several traditional Asian medicine techniques—Tui Na, reflexology, acupressure, Jin Shin Jytsu and Chi Nei Tsang—to help you relax and restore balance.

In warm, serene surroundings, you’ll experience a blend of circulation-awakening massage, passive stretching, and acupuncture. The result? You leave relaxed and energized, able to release thoughts formerly dominated by pain or distress.

A relaxing, clothes-on session

Bring stretchy shorts, sweats or yoga clothes so you’ll be comfortable, relaxed and able to move freely.

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Cupping with acupuncture
Herbal medicine

“I’m now sleeping better”

Acupuncture treatments with Katharine have been very helpful, especially combined with the Chinese herbal medicine regime she created for me. I’m now sleeping better, which is helping in many areas of my life.

– Michael P, San Rafael
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